At the end of last week I was all set for a night on the sofa watching crap TV.
Then I got a text saying ‘you’re on the guest list for KRS-One at Pumpehuset tonight’.

All photos except the crap one’s taken on Barnes’ phone: Bobby Anwar

My first call was to find a photographer who, at such short notice, would jump at the chance to document the Blast Master throwing down at one of Copenhagen’s best live music venues. Without hesitation Bobby Anwar stepped up and I sensed we were gonna have a night to remember.

As we ascended the stairs to the main stage ‘The Teacha’ fired up Step into a world and we were hit with that palpable rush of excitement when you’re entering a club and feel the bass vibrating your soul.

We wandered back stage and it soon became clear that not only was KRS-One in a playful mood, but that his audience were prepared to meet and exceed his expectations. One thing I’ve learnt over the years of attending hiphop gigs in Copenhagen is that although the scene is relatively small, the love, understanding and knowledge of the audience is awesome.

I suggested to Bobby that he could get some good shots from behind the DJ and was in the process of asking one of the lads from Scratch Entertainment when Krs-One’s P.A thrust a stack of posters into my hands and told me to hand them out to the crowd. I couldn’t help but LMAO, as I stood next to Krs-One listening to ‘I’m a blunt’ whilst I rolled up posters and handed them to the most desperate looking people at the front of the crowd.

When he grabbed a marker pen and began tagging posters, I noticed a guy trying to pass me one of his Airforce 1’s and so I found myself holding his shoe (as steady as anyone who’s laughing uncontrollably could) as ‘The Teacha’ duly signed his name.

After another few classics the Blast Master asked any breakers in the crowd if they fancied taking to the stage. What I didn’t expect, was John Vincent, a mate and Bitchslap family-DJ , to leap like a salmon from the audience and begin flaring across the floor.

I had no idea if Bobby could break, but when I looked at our photographer and noticed his face was full of childlike wonder, I had to ask…
‘you wanna get up there mate?’.
There was no reply.
Bobby just threw his camera down, ran up on stage and began poppin’ and lockin’ like a pro. The crowd went nuts and Krs One was impressed enough to give Bobby a big hug, telling him he had ‘a lot of heart’.

After the show we hung backstage with the lads from Scratch Ent. and a guy who’d brought his copy of Criminal Minded to get signed. Krs-One wandered in and was only too happy to oblige, taking photos and chatting to his peoples.

There was an after party but we just bounced afterwards, preferring to walk and lol about the experience, before wandering home feeling happy to be alive.

Big thanks to Adam, the team at Pumpehuset and the guys from Scratch Entertainment for making my Friday night one to remember.