So it’s Friday, which means you’re gonna need a fresh little tune to settle you into the weekend vibes… and luckily, we’ve got ya covered! Introducing “Orange Peeling” by Girls’ Night Out—a sweet and summery little number that’s sure to get you prepped for your very own Girls’ Night Out. (Or Boys’ Night Out. No discrimination, yo.)

Girls’ Night Out is the solo project of half-Japanese, half-Danish songwriter Terkel Atsushi Røjle of 80s-influenced dreamy rock band Virgin Suicide. Focusing on universal themes like belonging, love and doubt, Røjle infuses his music with a pointedly nostalgic and light-hearted feel: think 90s dream pop, early 00s pop and computer game aesthetics.
“Orange Peeling” is a perfect and compelling example of this approach: the track has a summery, devil-may-care feel to it thanks to washed out production, eccentrically nonchalant and high pitched vocals and a nostalgically 80s guitar line. The song brings to mind other Danish dream pop and 80s inspired acts like Fuji Dream and Gents, yet manages to stand on its own thanks to solid songwriting that gives pop anthems of the 80s and 90s a run for their money.

According to Røjle, “the song’s working title was The Dream. Back then, I thought of it as a pretty sincere love song. But when I hear the song now, it represents the point in a blissful dream where the nagging feeling that it might not be real kicks in: Wait a minute, that face doesn’t normally have those eyes, and I don’t normally score a goal like that in a game of soccer etc. And then you wake up. I can be disappointed for days after dreams like that.”

The video is a delightful match to the song, too: set against a Japanese cityscape, it captures the soft lights and kaleidoscopic appeal of big, sparkly cities—and somehow manages to throw an adorable puppy in the middle, too. So grab a glass of rose, throw on a pair of sunnies and sink into that “Orange Peeling”—and just watch it become the soundtrack to your summertime countdown.