A. Astronaut, big head and padded body ready to connect with Houston

B. Bulimic, the one that throws up on purporse for pleasure

C. Cheerleader, shaking hairy balls around for entertainment

D. Dumbo, the Walt Disney favourite.

E. Ewok, all covered in hair,  just showing the cute face.

F. Floss, useful for cleaning between your teeth, not much else.

G. Ghostbuster, keeping the ectoplasm under wraps.

H. Hulk, full of veins, purple and can sometimes reach green.

I. Ice cream, cone shaped with cold balls.

J. Junkie, always carries rubber and wants to spoon you at night.

K. Keyring, you can never find it when you need it.

L. Ladylike, with the bags full of things.

M. Minijack, so small it’s only good for listening to.

N. Nib, pointy head and firm, an author penis.

O. Obese fat and wobbly, loves french…….fries…

P. Pussy, inward growing, not sure whether this one is a penis or a vagina.

Q. Quesadilla, so much cheese going on, full of nutrients

R. Roastbeef, big piece of pink meat, serve it cold…

S. Squid, slimy, squiggy and smells of fish.

T. Turtleneck, plenty of skin for styling, protects the throat

U. Unicorn, not many people belive in it, but it does exist. Porn Movies have everything.

V. Volcano, hot cream eruption when you least expect it.

W. Warrior, they might take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom…

X. XXL, you get the idea.

Y. YoYo, up and down, up and down…

Z. ZZZ Cover it with a blanket and leave the room as fast as you can.