Fancy Lad is a skateboard collective who are making a big splash worldwide, but the only thing to take seriously is their stupidity. With roots deep in the dirty water of Boston, these guys take their vision of foolishness to the next level. Their full-length film ‘Is This Skateboarding’ is 52 minutes of creative insanity, and with collabs with the likes of Adult Swim, Fancy Lad is making the skateboard industry snap at the neck. Here’s what Nick Murray had to say about the team.

Interview: Samer Khudairi
Photos: RobCollins

FancyLad bitchslap

Who is Fancy Lad?
Fancy Lad is the cavity in the mouth of society on the tooth called ‘skateboarding’. It would never have manifested itself had the collective consciousness not indulged too much. Perhaps our videos are just a way of filling the void.

It is a new self-defining genre that is more of a movement in skateboarding than a company. It offered a new ideology, that ‘there is no trick too stupid’. With this boundary broken down it opens up an infinite amount of doors to what can be done. Fuck the monotony of uniformity, we offer a one-of-a-kind unique experience. We on some next level shit!


It kind of makes sense that no-comply variations seem to be a signature for Fancy Lad (since you guys don’t comply to anything—except having fun). How do you guys stick out in comparison to other teams or movements in skateboarding?

Well, we are the only bunch of sick fucks that will stop at nothing to reach the very peaks of what is possible with a skateboard, no matter how absurd the outcome. As far as the no-comply related tricks, I myself am known for stepping onto the ground while sending my board on a wild ride; we call them ‘flings’. It is an approach to skateboarding that has not been explored too widely. An operation of pure chance of whether you are going to land and not being sure what will happen before you do. This is my manifestation of ‘abstract’ skateboarding.

Who on the team has the most sponsors?

Eric is sponsored by Goya Beans, which is the top sponsor, but as far as quantity over quality, Abe takes the cake. As a matter of fact he is sponsored by Entenmann’s, Skater Socks, Tracker Trucks, Cindy Lauper, extra-small Magnum condoms, Max Hesh Skateshop, Pornhub, Yahtzee, 50’s music, competitive figure skating, hugging, and of course Fancy Lad Skateboards.

You’ve been getting a lot of exposure on Thrasher, Skateline and Adult Swim. Is it time for Fancy Lad to move out of Boston and into a bigger pond?

No, if anything we are waiting for the day we fall victim to gentrification and have to move to a smaller pond, once our house of squalor gets torn down to build a luxury condominium in its place.

Most of the team lives together, right? What is the first thing you see when you walk into the Fancy Lad asylum?

A big ol’ clown ready to give you a rub down, cat shit, boards as far as the eye can see and the ceiling falling onto the top of your head.

Richie Jackson is to bell bottoms as Fancy Lad is to…?

Mismatched socks. Life is too short.

If the team were to get matching Chinese character tattoos, what would you get?

The majority of Fancy Lad team members do not have tattoos, we like to keep a pure, undesicrated account of our bodies, aside from our scars. Although the Blair Witch symbol as a stick-and-poke has been catching on among the crew.

Is Abe Dubin the reason that ‘orange is the new black’?

Wearing orange is man’s last desperate attempt to say, ‘hey, look at me’

-Oscar Wilde

I know you’ve mentioned this before, but explain again to a three year old how you guys almost ended up in the new Tony Hawk game?

Well, if you are three years old, you shouldn’t be playing video games, let alone trying to dissect the inner working of the skate politics that lead someone to be immortalized by The Birdman himself.

Which skate team would Fancy Lad challenge to an apple bobbing contest?


What projects are you guys excited about in the coming year?

Oh, we’ve got a lot of things coming up: staring at the wall, crying leaning against the wall, punching a hole in the wall while yelling incoherently, and a lot of other stuff too. I mean, where do we go from here? We’ve already made the greatest video of all time (’Is This Skateboarding’). Next stop, Fancy Lad global takeover! Board games, action figures, we’ll slap our name on any product as long as it is non-GMO. Come at me, potential sponsors!

Any last words?

Protest against the rising tide of conformity! Buy Fancy Lad products!…Until people start to conform to us! Then buy something unsaturated!


Watch Fancy Lad for Adult Swim here
This interview was originally published in Bitchslap Magazine issue 26