Change has never come by itself

What's Wrong

This may look like your average streetwear photoshoot of beautiful models looking slightly bored. But spend a second actually looking at these photos by Mark Stig, and you’ll realize their ennui is symptomatic of so much more.
Mark is disheartened about the end of the world being here, and sometimes it is too overwhelming to do anything about it, other than just sorta give up beforehand.
So while you contemplate that as you look at his gorgeous photos, we’ll have a cigarette with our pet goldfish.

My thoughts behind the shoot come from a frustration with everything happening in the world at the moment. Global warming, the refugee crisis, politics and that if we want any change in what we are seeing in the world, the individual has to take more responsibility and stand up for what they believe in. It is not enough to just click “Like” on a Facebook or Instagram post.
You have to do more.
Change has never come by itself.

Mark Stig

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