I remember being an insecure dork, back when I was still stuck in public school in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Then, everything changed. Luckily I got accepted at Kastanievejen Efterskole, a creative boarding school located in the heart of Copenhagen. This place had no shitty scooter gangs stealing my lunch money because my hair was dyed blue.
Boarding school was a place to breathe and relax, where I got the chance to discover myself and my own style, not constantly worrying about anything other than chilling out with likeminded youth.
Ten years later, I wanted to investigate whether that is still the case with today’s kids.

Words: Aleksander Samuel
Photos: Albert P. Andersen

simone style bitchslap
Simone Andersson, Copenhagen
These shoes are the favorite part of my outfit today. I think I got them at Topshop because they were velvet instead of leather, which was sorta cool. Usually I don’t go to any specific stores, I just love shopping in general.
Most of my wardrobe is made up of stuff in dark colors with a few salmon colored accessories, such as purses, belts, and such.

simon style bitchslap
Simon Hessellund, Nykøbing
I’m on kitchen duty today, so I’m not wearing anything special, just my dad’s old skiing sweater.
Right now I’m just chilling with my juice, tho.
When not doing “hard labor”, I prefer to wear cool hoodies and roomy pants that are, like, long enough to cover my shoes. Most of my clothes are black and navy-colored.

victor style
Victor Petersen, Holbæk
These clothes are just something that’s shabby enough to use in the kitchen that I won’t mind getting wet and dirty. My style has honestly grown more filthy from going to boarding school.
I’m wearing a shirt I’ve borrowed from my friend, along with a pair of Dickies skater pants.
I always rock these Nike Air Force One.

emma style bitchslap
Emma Ribeholdt Andersen, Nakskov
My yellow shirt is from H&M and these pants are from the thrift shop at Gammel Kongevej. These fashionable sandals were only 30 kr. from Jysk, can you believe it?
After enrolling at boarding school I’ve grown far more chill. Once upon a time I paid a lot of attention to my wardrobe. Everything had to be black! Now I don’t care. I wear all sorts of colors.

johan style bitchslap
Johan, Vanløse
I took this jacket from my dad. Didn’t steal it, I swear!
Got the polo at a thrift shop in Brønshøj. I’m really into vintage clothes, as it’s both cheap and unique. This ring was super inexpensive, and somehow I haven’t gotten green nickel fingers from it yet. Must be legit gold!
When shopping I look for stylish clothes without too much “going on”, y’know? This shirt is mostly beige without any noisy pattern, for example.

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