It’s safe to say that Danish electronic wizard Sekuoia is pretty much a pro at making music that nails the feels and the vibes. Tracks like “Rituals” and “Something We Lost” ooze with melancholy yet delight with textured production—and his debut album, flac, crystallized that signature touch last September through seven addictive tracks that earned him rave reviews all over the internet. Now, he’s reimagined and reinvented it all with the help of diverse and talented producers from countries like Sweden, Norway, Austria and Italy.

Sit back, relax and dig into the flac remix EP: an exploration of electronic genres and moods that’ll keep your curiosity peaked the whole way through.

Overall, the EP takes Sekuoia’s music into a clubbier direction—but that’s not to say the tracks are similar in feel. Indian Wells’ remix of “Reyanne” flourishes with effervescent, shimmering melancholy set against deep yet also off-kilter dark beats, while Superpoze’s remix of “Honestly” rolls along with deep house that wouldn’t be out of place at a swanky rooftop party in LA. Sixtus Preiss’ remix of “Brace” is a textbook example of soulful vocals set against airy and billowing production (think Flume)—while Kriget’s remix of “Rek” is the one track you’ll be dying to hear the next time you’re deep in the bowels of some warehouse zoning out to lethal, dark techno. The standout track, however, is Polynation’s remix of “Beau”: blending a tribal feel with laid-back production, it drives forward with a cool intensity peppered by bold drums—making for a track that’s trance-like, meditative and uplifting all at once.

“This remix album sort of sums up the tour for me,” says Sekuoia (Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen). “The tracks had a whole new life when I had to play them in several countries to different crowds and in different forms. And now they’ve been remixed into something completely new.” Well, props to you and your collaborators, Patrick. The flac remix EP truly does sound new, diverse and electrifying—and makes us pretty damn excited to hear the next tricks Sekuoia will pull out of his hat.

Catch Sekuoia at Frost Festival, playing alongside AV AV AV and SMERZ on February 25.

Cover photo by Stephanie Staal.