Basco5 is a Canadian artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work is a mix between, illustration, fine art, and street art. He finds inspiration in beauty and struggle. Now he’s back with a new exhibition mashing up the world of graphic design with biker gang culture.

Words: Jeroen Smeets


It’s been a while since we’ve seen you exhibiting, where have you been and what’s new with Basco?
Yeah it’s been a while! I actually took a break from art for about two years, I needed to find out if it was really for me. After much thought I realised; Yes I’m supposed to be doing artwork. So about a year and a half ago I started up again. I’ve mostly just been creating for myself and finding my way back. Now I’m ready to show again, it feels really good.

How did the new show come about and the connect with Vess? You guys go way back right?
I got introduced to VESS a few years back, after I did a show with Red Bull Coolers. I’ve been thinking about doing a solo show for a while and I remember VESS being great to work with from previous projects so I just hit them up. They said yes and here we are.

What is the Black Scorpion Gang all about, and what is the secret handshake?
Yes we have a secret hand shake and everything 😉 The concept is what if a gang hired an artist to come up with the look for that gang. Including the logo, outfit, artwork and even the gang initiation ceremony. So when you come to the show your really seeing what the Black Scorpion Gang is all about, it’s pretty cool.

How do we join the gang?
So far we are just three members so we are open for membership, or prospects (novice gang members) to start with. You do need to agree to go through the initiation ceremony. This includes eating real scorpions, sniffing dried scorpion tail, and some blood letting. We plan to have at least two initiation ceremony under the show.

Can you tell us more about the new works, and what we can expect from the exhibition?
First off there is a ton of original art pieces in all different price ranges (you can pick up a small piece for a little as 300 kr.) The paintings are really the bases of the show, and include images of drugs, knifes, guns, and of course scorpion logos.
Besides the paintings I’ve ordered a ton of different Black Scorpion Gang product. Patches, pencils, zines, silk bandanas and you can even buy scorpion infused vodka to take home. There is lot’s more stuff to see so worth dropping by.
We’ll also be having an artist talk on March 1st where I’ll go more in depth on what the show is about, the night also includes a showing of the classic gang film Blood in Blood out! …..oh and did I mention we’ll have a live scorpion at opening night!

What does the party after the exhibition opening of the Black Scorpion Gang look like?
Complete madness with a heavy dose of scorpion laced vodka. A celebration of brotherhood/sisterhood and joy in being creative and a live 🙂

An art show by Basco5
24.02.17 – 12.03.17

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Black Scorpion Gang Basco5