I first met Santiago when he was about 12 or 13. He was part of the younger crew of kids skating the Bastille area, most of whom would soon call themselves the blobys. He always had a huge contagious smile, and it seemed rare to me to see a young kid with such good style. Santi skates, studied and works in architecture and design, plays music in a few different bands, and is constantly joking around. You can catch him at République, where he’ll probably be checking on the younger crew of kids and making sure the vibe is good. – Soy Panday

Interview: Guillaume Le Goff
Pictures: Alex Pires

Santiago Sasson bitchslap

Bitchslap: Hi Santiago. What do we need to know about you?
Santiago Sasson: Hello my name is Santiago Sasson, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Paris.

To what extent has being born and raised in Paris been important to your skateboarding?
I grew up in Gare de Lyon, which is in the east of Paris, in the middle of the OG spots, that’s also why I grew up watching some people skating in Bastille and Bercy!

What’s the perfect session for you?
The main idea of cruising sounds good to me, not being stuck in a plaza or trying to one up a spot, just do what you feel at the moment, something spontaneous.

What’s your two favourite best tricks?
I think a kickflip and 3 flip, or just an ollie.

Santiago Sasson bitchslap Santiago Sasson bitchslap

Who are you riding for today?
I skate for Magenta, Futur, Nike SB and Nozbone.

Magenta and Futur are some cool French brands with on-point product and great teams, what else keeps you riding for them?
Those guys are more pushing the idea of skating the streets rather than being about competition or performance, so I feel it’s something more natural and easier to express yourself and have some real fun.

Santiago Sasson bitchslap
You’re also quite into music, and an accomplished student in architecture, how are these things complementary to skateboarding in your life?
I feel like skateboarding, music and architecture are all connected, by rhythm and the way of seeing things, each one has its own microcosmos and way of evolution, but also their own styles. Wherever you are you can find some stuff to link things.

How’s life looking tomorrow?
I don’t know where life is taking me, I’m down to be involved in projects in each of those microcosmos. I’ll try to skate how long as I can but I also know that music and architecture will be with me all my life so we will see what the future brings.

Santiago Sasson