Berlin Zoo is the group name for three danish beat heads; Shatter Hands, I Kicked A Cloud Once and Fou Fou who all met in Berlin in 2013. They started making beats together and are now based back in Copenhagen and celebrating the release of their new collaborative album ‘Superbaddisco‘ with a party at the bijou but banging Palmspree in Norrebro.



Superbaddisco is also the name of the extended DK crew of artists and their parties. The record is out on german hip hop heavyweight HHV and it’s a treat stretching across close to 30 short and very sweet tracks with what the label calls ‘deliciously obscure’ samples.  It does sound good, with familiar territory and new directions rolled gracefully into one programmed flow. The whole thing goes bop bop boppin’, head nodding along. Strings zoom in sounding crunchy, vocal samples play over snare snaps and the kicks roll. Rhythms jump to double time, soul and jazz sounds are central but the bass swings mostly low and long, breaking for occasional runs peppered with funky blings.


Check the fantastic event and talent playing this Friday at the all inclusive Palmspree – a mutant hub, gallery, record shop and art project sitcom. Catch it on your way home or make it your night and weekend. These sessions are the stuff of minor legend and have set a straight record of strictly good folks hanging out and playing. They recently hosted the Touching Bass crew with CPH record girl and london resident Alex Rita and Andwot. Some while back there were record ructions when the excellent vinyl and upfront music fest that was the OYE Records Store from Berlin did a Palmspree take-over for an extended weekend in association with Strøm Festival.