Newest project from brother from another mother Lucas Beaufort is our favorite kind of circle-jerk; one that centers around love and affection for skate and print about people who love skate and print.

The 35 year old french artist has taken inspiration from his skate obsession, print magazine fan-girling and added a dash of true humbleness about the media platforms that honor skate culture as much as he does.

Beauforts upcoming documentary “Devoted” pays homage to those who pay homage. He has since March 2016 travelled across Europe, US, Japan and Australia to link up with the brains behind some of the biggest and most influential skateboard medias around the world. Everyone from writers and photographers to skaters and brands all provide insight to how skateboarding has had an influence on their lives and how their vision for print in the future looks like.

The documentary is to premiere in June 2017, making sure to pay a proper tribute to the people who’ve spent most of their lives documenting skateboarding through print from the 1990’s until today and beyond.

As we like to say: Print for life, online daily.