Wednesday night at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen Digable Planets sounded like a new band, despite it approaching decades since they made their name first. After a fantastic warm up from Bobby Bovell and Public Secret  the enthusiastic crowd was up front and ready for anything. The atmosphere was already good when Digable took to the stage and they proceed to show that you can in fact remain conscious forever and still bring the heat if you approach things with some consideration rather than trodding on and trotting out old dreams. It sets the bar way up high for the many 90’s anniversary tours we will be seeing over the coming years. This was no nostalgia re-run or a retro fixed 90’s heritage act with a fine line in hip hop sing alongs. It was a full blooded live sound experience that took in all the diverse elements that informed their original records and added a whole bunch of the experiences and learnings they have had since then, plus the sounds of today.

Words: Fergus Murphy
Photos: Bobby AnwarRonnie Boykins Jr.

As Ishmael told us in a thoughtful interview with him some weeks back the old songs were just a jumping off point and last night the crowd really did jump off “We got together with five really talented musicians, multi – instrumentalists with the approach to take the original material as a point of departure to make new updated sounds that move elsewhere from what the old stuff did. It finds it’s footing there and it has roots there but is off on another trajectory and even moving forward. It’s the same but it’s different.”

Sonically they were a new band, not old school hip hop ‘fresh’ but arguably they may have been fresher last night than they were back then. Of course this is how it should be in an ideal world, but it was still unexpected and turned many heads around in the audience. Tripped out sounds and frequencies swirled around the raps and  long extended instrumental passages gave the show a dynamic with peaks and lows that the band and musicians exploited with a heartfelt energy. Digable Planets put the fun back into live Hip Hop. Bravo!

We had such a good time doing the show with the  smashbangpow crew!

15094311_1480788688616538_2760924987967211641_nPhoto: Bobby Anwar




Bobby Bovell
Bobby Bovell by Bobby Anwar