So, the world’s kind of a bummer right now, eh? We’ve got ultra-conservative and racist buffoons taking over our governments in both Europe and North America. We’ve gotta pay more and more for basic things like rent and food, even though we aren’t exactly earning more at our jobs. We’re forced to navigate through social media on a daily basis—a murky, mystery box whose true implications on humanity and communication are yet to be revealed. Considering all these things, it’s no wonder a lot of us are feeling nostalgic for a simpler time—a time when all we had to worry about was snagging the swings at recess, or trying to juggle basketball practice with math homework. Yep, childhood seems like a pretty blissful alternative to the gloomier times we live in now—and that’s exactly the vibe that Fugleflugten tap into with their latest video, “Alt Der Glimter” (in English, All That Glimmers).

Fugleflugten are pretty new on the Danish music scene, but their dreamy brand of Scandi melancholia and post punk sensibility has already made its mark. The shoegazin’ four piece dropped their debut EP, Aftenpragtstjerne, earlier this year; quickly, their tracks propelled to rotation on DR’s P3 and gathered strong critical acclaim from media sources worldwide—with Barometerlisten’s Regitze Engelhardt praising their music as “a universe one is sucked into, so sincere and wavy and simple, easily understood and relatable.”

Their latest track only continues to back up the hype. “Alt Der Glimter” is a gorgeously unravelling anthem blending post punk energy, shoegaze guitars and dream pop-like reverb into one blood-pumping track. It’s written with the structures of a classic rock hit, too: lead singer Rasmus Yde’s bass vocals powerfully soar through the song, smoothly weaving together guitars and drums that alternate between crunching into intense peaks and floating melancholically and spaciously. The result is a song that sounds like the lovechild of Communions’ instruments and Bisse’s vocals—except it’s more cathartic and catchier than both of them.


Thankfully, the video reads as the visual embodiment of all of the emotions and sounds rippling through the track. It simply focuses on a young man jumping through fields with apples—stealing them, ravenously devouring them and even axing them to smithereens. He seems carefree, bursting with energy yet tormented, too—and as vocalist, video director and editor Yde says, all of that is a metaphor for the essence of childhood.

”The main character symbolizes our mutual childish features as human beings,” he says. “The innocence and the unspoiled. Total unawareness of the seriousness and responsibilities, which grown-ups reminds themselves, and others, of in daily life. He lives in his own world, with his own sense of beauty.”

So forget your adult responsibilities and fall into this dream world of childhood nostalgia, post punk angst and pure melancholy. If you dig it, you can catch Fugleflugten supporting The Temper Trap at Store Vega in December.