Copenhagen’s psych-tinged noise-rock autocrats Deadpan Interference are releasing a new EP, titled Immaculate, and it’s a musky, dusty mind-eraser.

Winter is a bleak hellscape, and sometimes you just need to light some candles, sip some merlot from a goblet and writhe around on a singed and dirty oriental carpet. Luckily, this EP will get you there. Though officially dropping tomorrow through Flammekaster Records, you keep yourself warm with an exclusive pre-stream right here:

The EP begins with “Des Barres”, a droning and churning introduction that builds and builds, briefly breaks down, and then resumes growling along with ever-increasing momentum. This gives way to “The Whip”, which we’ve already acquainted you with, and progresses along to “Flang”, an adrenaline-fueled interlude of instrumental intensity. The distorted echoing of “Immaculate” follows high on its heels, as singer Astrid Samuelsen’s clear voice cries out through distorted guitars and thick curtains of hazy feedback. The EP concludes with “Steamed”, a seemingly chill closer that unexpectedly swerves into accusatory growling among what sounds almost more like revving motorcycles than instruments. Finally, like a puff of smoke blown into your face, it’s all over.


At the height of the opium den underworld of the late 19th century, Arthur Symons described the sumptuously atmospheric effects in his seminal poem “The Opium Smoker”:

I am engulfed, and drown deliciously.
Soft music like a perfume, and sweet light
Golden with audible odours exquisite,
Swathe me with cerements for eternity.

Deadpan Interference’s Immaculate EP is that music – it will engulf you and leave you deliriously clawing for more.