Most brands don’t reach the status of being iconic without having had a long history of character building and revolutionary development. Although not all might be familiar with this, ASICS has been on the market since the late 1940’s, known at the time as Onitsuka. The founder Kihachiro Onitusuka had a vision that sports and being athletic was the solution for the post-war depressed youth of Japan, in a time where the connection between endorphin release and exercise was decades from being discovered.



The brand ASICS as we know it today was born in 1977 after a collaboration with two other brands but by then their recognition and popularity had been spread wide, as many respected athletes had taken a liking to the shoes. Nowadays the lifestyle segment goes by the label of ASICS Tiger, while talking ASICS refers to the sports-performance product.

Not only did they become one of the most sought out trainers amongst athletes and sports lovers, ASICS’ multiple appearance in pop culture sensations such as Bruce Lee’s film Game of Death and on Uma Thurman’s iconic portrayal of The Bride in Kill Bill, firmly confirmed ASICS as being stylish and significant in it’s design as well as a diverse and approachable brand.




The functional aspect of ASICS took a quick and big leap upwards with the invention of the GEL technology. Working with Geltec, ASICS debuted the feature in 1986 and it’s been on the market ever since. With the latest branches on the stem, ASICS sticks to the wideknown gel technology and introduces three new styles in honor of hitting the 30 year old anniversary for the Gel technology this year. The GEL-LYTE III、GEL-LYTE V, and GT-COOL XPRESS are all inspired by the evolution of the design over time, once again proving that ASICS has just as much appeal and relevance as in 1949.

With the release of the three new styles, ASICS and ASICS Tiger have now combined many years of creative inspiration, honoring not only the invention and development of the ASICS Gel Lyte function, but the timeless design that comes with it.


GT Cool Express and GEL Quantum 360 available at: SNS, Caliroots, Shoechapter and Stoy Munkholm amongst others.

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