Felix De Luca‘s “All Me”, officially dropping tomorrow, finds the secretly-Danish rapper at the top of his game. An excellent songwriter and lyricist, Felix has a flow and modus operandi that is very recognizably his own. Never afraid of mixing things up, however, his new single diverges from his usual straightforward-Felix style and brings in plenty of fresh and new elements. Get the first listen here:

With a clear reverence for classic R&B and instrumental hiphop, “All Me” proves Felix’s versatility. It sounds a bit as if he has shaken his tree of musical influences, collected the various pieces that fell out, and weaved them together with total ingenuity. Still produced by his right hand man DontAxAboutIt, “All Me” pairs Felix’s straight-spittin’ rhymes with buttery smooth additional vocals from Ms. Melissa. There’s even jazz-tinged intros and outros which he’s somehow also managed to sublimely integrate and bend to his will as well.

Overall, “All Me” is a dynamically symbiotic blend that finds Felix De Luca breaking out of his box and transcending his past work – and now it seems like the sky’s the limit. However, if you’re in Denmark, you’re still in luck: you’ve got a rare few opportunities left to see Fe’ in the flesh before he flies off to big things in the US. Catch him at Ideal Bar on November 18th while you still can. We’re spreading the love for real, so if you’re quick and lucky you could even win some tickets from us here!