Less Win, Copenhagen’s transcendental meditation on post-punk, has managed to pull back their blackout curtain of anhedonia for long enough to wrap up and release their new ~studio album~, TRUST. Not to fall back into the grips of their noonday demons, the video for the album’s new single, “A Thought To Be More“, demonstrates that they’ve also managed to escape the directionless paralysis of existential dread and conveniently channel it onto film.

A perfect complement to the frenetic instrumentation and high-stress ululating of the song, the video for “A Thought To Be More” finds Less Win’s Patrick Kociszewski and Casper Morilla looking fittingly tense. Via mean muggin’ in a variety of sparse urban landscapes, Jasper J. Spanning–the video’s director–effectively conveys how the “burden of failed dreams and missed opportunities will make you distant and bitter.” As the song and accompanying video implies, even a commendable post-punk portfolio and a wardrobe full of Dries Van Noten button-downs won’t keep you immune from the frustration of feeling “stuck in your life.” There’s a bit of hope, however: “A Thought To Be More” nonetheless concludes with hints of a happy ending, as sax and strings pulsate and swell in a tension-relieving rubdown.

As Casper explains of the album, “These songs are seared in feelings, and an elephant in the room. There’s a pendulum swinging between ambivalence, distrust, fragility, blame, guilt, disloyalty, misperceived innocence, claustrophobic emotions, and the disorderly inner eruption of all of these. They are quiet moments of realisation, and a finger I thought I could point at others. But in my silent epiphany, I found it only pointing towards myself.” In other words, Less Win has captured the vast range of moods I experienced the other day when I was hopelessly hungover and thought my roommate had consumed the last frozen pizza; disorderly inner eruption indeed! Alas, though I was quick to hungrily point the finger of fault at my roommate, in my own quiet moment of realisation I found that I alone was to blame, as I had consumed it a few days previously in a moment of wine-induced weakness. Without a doubt, Less Win’s TRUST speaks to all of us.