A three-piece indie rockers from Venice, California found the missing link between The Black Keys and The White Stripes. And no, it’s not The White Keys.

They share a name with a festival, a movie and many other bands. But if you’re missing a heavy-hitting garage rock sound and piercing female vocals, look no further than The Great Escape. The guitar riff will captivate you from second one and when the vocals come into picture, you won’t be able to turn around.

The band promotes itself as an alternative rock outfit. Unlike other bands who hide between this bland and unspecified genre, The Great Escape use it as a playground for experimentation. I Can’t Resist can be described as garage, grunge and borderline stoner rock. But the upcoming album might have surprises.

As a leading single, I Can’t Resist is accompanied by a music video. To do something different, once again, The Great Escape made a five minute documentary. It highlights amazing lives and accomplishments of old people, who are gonna make you say “I want to be that granny when I get old!”.

Artist: The Great Escape
Song: I Can’t Resist
Label: Nordmeister, 2016
Rating: 4/6