Fashion designer Victor Barragan is not your usual Instagrammer. Although most people have no qualms filling their followers’ feeds with repetitive brunch plates, boozy nights out or grainy pictures of sunsets, Barragan has taken an unique spin on Instagramming and made it into something any food-fetishizing piercer would be proud of.

Mexico City-born Barragan started off with selling the Leonardo DiCaprio ‘MS-DOS folder tears’ graphic tee and got a taste for more. He is now the brains behind the brand YtinifninfinitY, creating pieces that by first glance look ordinary, but are far from it. The clothes, the website and the Instagram – it’s all carefully curated in a style he calls “After the internet consumerism”.


Barragan is all about mixing sequins, studs and piercings with flowers cold cuts and fruits, creating a universe that can best be described as a S & M party meeting the produce isle at the supermarket, although much more intriguing and well put together.


Flowers and fruit are natures genitals after all, so there’s no real reason why it shouldn’t subtly help emphasize the sexuality that has always existed in the design world.