The Love Coffin didn’t arrive onto the Danish music scene last year as much as they catapulted onto it. Their brand of visceral, genre-blending rock ‘n romance felt arresting and fresh unlike pretty much anything else—especially on their heart-stopping debut EP, Veranda. Now, they’re back with their second EP, Buffalo Thunder, and it sounds like they’ve calmed down a bit: the chaotic emotions we’ve come to know and love have been distilled into six cohesive, catchy and straight up rock ‘n roll tracks.

Straight off the bat, it’s clear The Love Coffin has matured. Opener “New Morning Light” rings with the band’s signature crunch of brutal drums, but is more melodic and palatable than you’d expect from them. Tracks like “Blind” and “Sound of Warning” are almost classic rock ballads, even, which is a far stretch from the frenzied, fuck-you sound of their debut track from last year, “Sheets of Ice”. Although this calmer, more considered direction will probably gain the band a larger and more diverse fanbase, the standout track is “Never Knew Your Name”—the only song on the EP that sounds like the old Love Coffin. A vicious explosion of devastating vocals, relentless drums and ruthless guitars, it surges with a stand-out energy that simply gets under your skin.

To sum it up, “Buffalo Thunder” is a solid, impressive body of rock ‘n roll—and thankfully, it still gives us some of the impulsive, irresistible Love Coffin that got our attention in the first place. After all, catchiness is great and popular—but for us, chaos and noise still rule, and ultimately make you stand out from the others.

The EP drops today through Flammekaster Records, but you can stream it right here for your earbuds’ convenience.