There are two primary types of travellers. Type A is defined by a fondness for all-you-can-eat-buffets, budget resort packages and sensible sandals; Type B is defined by everything opposite of that, a.k.a. actually making an effort to see stuff and experience culture. If you fall into the second type – and you likely do, unless you’ve all turned into your parents overnight – then you’ll feel a soft spot for Sekuoia‘s latest video for “Rayanne”.

The Danish producer’s four-minute piece takes you through hazy, VHS-style shots of placeless cityscapes—featuring everything from gargantuan robots, flocks of stoked tourists and monolithic skyscrapers and mountains. It mimics the feeling of travelling and experiencing a chaotic flood of information and culture—and it also serves as a perfect backdrop to the song. “Rayanne” is a softly meditative, swelling work of electronica—with graceful guitars leading the way and earthy production keeping things melancholic and brooding. It’s taken off of Sekuoia’s debut album, flac, which has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the likes of i-D and Clash magazine.

According to Patrick Bech-Madsen (the man behind the project), “the video captures a journey on the look out for something new or something that’s been missing. I’ve been lucky to have travelled with my family a lot over the years and the feeling of coming to a whole new country with a whole new culture can be so beautiful. This feeling is what the video gives me.”

If you know what he’s talking about and want more of that vibe, you’re in luck: his album release party is next Saturday night at Pumpehuset, along with performances by Saint Cava, Taragana Pyjarama, 18 A (Smerz + Code Walk). See you there!