Gentrification, sky-high rent prices and pure mainstream culture will soon have people flocking over to hang out in the new cool part of town. Sydhavn is the real OG where alcoholics have claimed Mozart’s Plads as their own and one out of four is on benefits. Lets face it, with the past couple of months’ drinking habit most Copenhageners fit perfectly in with that crowd.

Despite being the poorest postal code in the city, Sydhavn can be more stylish and charming than people give it credit for, especially in the hands of this talented team that upped our fashion game for issue 26. Guldbajer or golden jewelry, it’s all good in Costa Del Sydhavn.


PhotographyKia Hartelius

Styling: Nanna Bob

Make-up: Marie Dausell

Hair: Kirstine Engell

Models: Lo from scoop models, William from scoop models and Nicolaj from mate_mgmt