Ritual Malmö is a collective of technoheads that, well, play techno. Apart from a relatively new label and parties at Inkonst, they also run a radio show on Radarradio.  

Bitschlap music reviewer Asmus O. Dohn shared this month’s slot with Rune Bagge, which delivers hour #2 – an hour of absolute blistering techno heat.

The thing to do next is: listen to the mix and read about all the different tracks below. 




These hidden hands – “Grelles Licht’ from the album Vicarious Memories – HH007″ (out since August 8th)

I guess you could call “These Hidden Hands” a more melodic and headphone-oriented experiment from the hands of Tommy Four Seven and Alain Paul. There’s a bit of Apparat-Sounding melancholia to some of the tunes on this, their second album. It’s very well produced with Alain and Tommy managing to cram in a lot of elements without losing the sense of spaciousness in the final product.

Listen here.


Grischa Lichtenberger – “002_0415_08_lv_1_re_0114_11_lv_1_b_2_dephase” from the ep Spielraum – Raster Noton (out October 07) 

Track from 1 of 3 are limited 12” EPs, which are accompanied by handmade, individual and signed screen prints made by Grischa Lichtenberger. I’m gonna keep it short, it’s a great release. What did you expect, it’s Raster Noton.

Much more info here.




Shifted – “Untitled 808 Workout” from the ep Drifting Over – DRFT001 (Out September 19th)

First EP on Shifted’s new label is dedicated to his own output. It’s functional techno but couldn’t fit in b2 in the mix unfortunately as it’s a killer of a tune, stripped down to the bone and with a groove that references post-punk  



Shlømo – “Vanished Breath” from the eponymous EP – Wolfskuil  (Out September 16th)

With the track “Radioactive Sin”, released on his own label “Taapion” in 2015, the Paris-based artist with an affinity for Scandinavian letters caught my attention and everyone else’s. The track popped up everywhere for a while, and seems to have gotten him signed on Delsin and Wolfskuil (good catch guys). While the Delsin and first Wolfskuil release didn’t make the same impression on me as “Radioactive Sin”, “Vanished Breath” makes up for it and more, just in sheer epicness.  Two of the tracks are beatles synth-rinsers in the tranciest of schools, and that’s a good thing. A2 “The Ritual” also featured in this podcast, is a great techno homage to kraut-rock, showing all of the restraint the trance-rinsers lack.

Listen to snippets on Redeye.


Cavern of Antimatter – “Bring the Hiss (Version)” from the EP Inversions 001 (Out since September 12th)

If you’re into the crass side of techno and electro, you should check out the Power Vacuum label, if you haven’t already. I got on the boat a bit late, noticing the label when they released Objekt’s “Balloons” and then kept an eye out for their always bold and adventurous releases. Now, the label has foraged even further away from the techno homesteads and returned triumphantly with a very kraut/psych/drone/whatever inspired first release of five tracks that are very far removed from the conventional dance floor.

Listen here.

caverns-of-antimatterCharlotte Isabelle  “Geridoo” from the EP Monad XXIII – SAM023 (Out since July 29th)

The Stroboscopic Artefacts sublabel “Monad” has been the home for left field techno-oriented releases from an impressive range of artists since 2010: Chevel, Kangding Ray, Perc, Sendai and Dadub. The philosophy-interested label owner Lucy probably borrowed the label name from Leibniz’ book “The Monadology”, where Monads are defined as the elementary particles of the Universe, which are not really interacting, but more like mirrors, and uhh, living. Or at least that’s what I can remember from my high school class in philosophy. Leibniz, stick to calculus (you were pretty good at that), and let Lucy curate the Monads. Monad XXIII is slightly more dance-floor friendly than some of the earlier releases, if I recall correctly, but that doesn’t detract from its brilliance at all. On the contrary.

Have a listen here.




Psyk – “First Contact’ from the eponymous EPFUS001″ (Out October 7th)      

The 1200-capacity Fuse club in Brussels opened its doors in 1994, and now, 22 years later, they figured out it could be cool to run a label as well. Not such a bad idea. They promise that the label will be “a tribute to both the spirit at the heart of the club and the thrilling developments in modern techno. From local Brussels-based talent, to artists with a close connection to the club, the Fuse label will provide a rich spread of material revolving around but not limited to techno, with a love of the finest club music at the heart of every signing.”  Sounds good to me! I only used the very appropriately named “First Contact” ambient piece in the mix, but the entire EP contains 3 more, very dance floor oriented functional tracks, in the vein of Mill’s “Something In the Sky”-series.


Kamikaze Space Programme – “Type 2’ from the EP Vanta Series 02/04 on Killekill”  (Out September 26)


With his 2013 track “Leyland, KSP added some of the found-sound percussion back into UK techno that Blawan had initially introduced, only to snatch it away again hastily, long before the sound got stale – at least to my ears. I still wonder what happened to the production style from, say, “Iddy. I guess it’s buried under some garage somewhere… I’ll show myself out. Anyway, KSP seems to have buried the samurai-swords and other kitchen utensils in a garage of his own, for more synthetic and straightforward grooves. But youknowwhat it still works just fine.

Listen here.