Ruby Empress’ frontman Tom. Photo by Jonas Wall. 

If you’re like us, the word ‘indie’ probably makes you think of three things: Franz Ferdinand, blood-restricting skinny jeans circa ’05 and the swift death of the genre thanks to corporations and their far-reaching tentacles. Once indie darlings like Tegan and Sara started openly talking about working with advertisers to make money, and bands like Bright Eyes started putting out corny Christmas albums, it was clear: the corporate world had won, and exploiting indie became a regular thing companies did to try to convince kids to buy stuff. However, although indie has been dead for a while, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for its resurrection. Enter Ruby Empress: a disco-drone-funk band out of Gothenburg, and quite possibly the new face of a revived, refreshed and necessary indie.

The Swedish quartet’s latest track, “Strung Out”, is a shimmering, reverb-soaked and groovy number with quite the noticeable nod to Tame Impala’s brand of oozing, psych-tinged warmth. With lighthearted guitar twangs and dance-worthy, deep production, “Strung Out” is the kind of track you’d thrown on to stop yourself from feeling, well, strung out—and to tease out those last few moments of summer bliss and sunburnt freedom. It’s a track that goes down smooth like honey—which isn’t exactly a surprise, considering their debut track, “Deluca”, skyrocketed over 700K plays on Soundcloud upon release.

Our friends over at Ruby Empress’ label Woah Dad! are pretty sure that the band is the best thing to happen to indie in years. After hearing “Strung Out”, we tend to agree with them. All that’s left for us is to eagerly await their debut EP—set to drop through Woah Dad! in October.