Darling Don’t Dance are back to soothe you, with new tongue tying single about the fears of motherhood.

It’s a name you haven’t heard in a long time – Darling Don’t Dance. The Danish grungers appeared on the scene with a blasting debut City Ghosts in 2012, but it took them four years and an identity crisis to come back with a new single called “Pediophobia”.


You might fear the title, as hearing six-syllable words in the chorus is a quite difficult task, but fear no more. It’s just a conceptual title about the fears connected with motherhood. The vocals of Julie Nissen are motherly soothing, the lyrics are like a fairytale and the guitar tones will mend your pain, whether it’s a broken arm or a broken heart. You will feel like the child the song is being sung to.

It will remind you of something you’ve heard before, a bit of PJ Harvey’s last record and a bit of Sleater-Kinney, but Darling Don’t Dance have their own tango. Since their last record they toned it down a bit, but an alternative rock outfit suits them well. They are back to feed our ears again, so keep your eyes open for something more coming our way in early 2017.


Artist: Darling Don’t Dance

Track: Pediophobia

Label: Ultrasounds Records, 2016


Rating: 5/6