Truth is that most people do not like Rihanna’s “Work”. Be it for the fact that it contains two things they don’t like – Rihanna and work, or because they despise pop music from the depth of their souls.

Text: George

Either way it is a craze, supported by the fact that a mug with lyrics of the song can be found in Urban Outfitters. And also it appears as a sample on the new Crapface EP “Smile” that appeared in the end of July.



But unlike the average person, the track “Swim Meet” doesn’t try to hide the Rihanna within. The chorus comes blasting at you even before Crapface goes into the first verse and the second time you hear it, it’s also accompanied by some light drum’n’bass/trap beats by Elevation. It’s surprising how well this unusual combination works – melody that involuntarily moves your body, autotune vocals that sounds like a bubblegum pop and the track in general is just so much fun. It takes a lot of effort not to admit the catchiness of the song. The only weakness is the love/hate relationship coming with the sample but if you’re able to suppress the inner hipster, you’re in for a great ride.


Aritsts: Crapface x Elevation

Palettes, 2016

Rating 5/6