It sounds like a working man’s anthem. Wake up early, rush breakfast, go to work, perform Rihanna, go home, eat dinner, sleep, repeat.

Every time he wakes up, he dies one more time. But in reality the song is about losing a loved one and not wanting to wake up into a world without them.


The appreciated duo Cancer returns with a powerful grieving track that cuts deep into the skin of people who dread each coming day. Nikolai’s vocals are even better than on the last record Ragazzi and can remind you of what Blaue Blume’s Jonas Smith does on his live performances. Their style hasn’t changed much since the last time we heard from them – the guitar and drums are still tender and soothing. Gradually intensifying, this song ends in an almost urgent tone as the voice sounds more and more needy, while the instrumentation is a steady companion to the peace-seeking voice.

The first three minutes from the upcoming album Totem (out January 2017) bring the Cancer we know with a fresh insight into their lyrical well of greatness and a reason more to look forward to next year.


Artist: Cancer

Track: Die One More Time

Record label: Tambourhinoceros, 2016


Rating 5/6