Open your awareness and surrender to the musical command of The Wands. Achieve a higher plane of enlightenment with their consciousness-expanding new single, “Faces”. Prepare to have your ambient energies amplified and vibrating at increased frequencies.

In spite of a draconian approach to recreational drug use and an underwhelming history of 20th-century countercultural rebellion, Denmark has a psychedelic music scene. At the helm of this diminutive scene, working to imbue it with a bit of vigor and life, is The Wands. Hailing from Copenhagen, their work is rife with classic ’60s and ’70s aesthetics and soundscapes that evoke this time period so genuinely that their music could give your dad acid flashbacks. They typify this genre in a way that at the same time is novel and innovative enough as to avoid coming off as annoyingly anachronistic or regressive.

The Wands’ first EP, Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic, was released in late 2012, followed by their self-titled full-length album in the fall of 2014. Already having success bestowed upon them with these releases, they will continue their journey of awakening the world’s communities to the enlightening forces of psychedelic rock with the release of their new EP, Faces. Set to drop on September 5th, you can experience its eponymous first single here:

The Wands are celebrating the release of the EP at Karens Minde Kulturhus on September 4th, after which they will be touring throughout both Denmark and Europe. You can keep mindfully aware by expanding your consciousness to their upcoming tour dates via their Facebook.