It’s a summer alert for our very favourite time of year in Copenhagen. We are having a Garden Party  at Pumpehuset with the lovely Silvertip Agency and there will be music and special drinks! We are joined live by Tårn and Slowes and dj’ing tropical dreams will be our music editor Fergus Murphy. It’s all free of course, the sun will be shining and it’s on Thursday already.

Late summer is cool because everyone is more or less back and rested, holidays survived or enjoyed, the music scene is awash with talent and folks seem glad to catch up again or to start fresh; finding comfort in routines and glad for their city with new eyes and ears.  It’s also a time when the parties are particularly good !  Pumpehuset on Thursday will be no exception. We may be winding up slowly into autumn and hopes for that long lost summer are all betting on the late Indian one at this stage, but with friends and new stuff happening the days and nights are still long and the mood strong. Join us early on Thursday and let’s kick this rest of year off. Check some tunes below to get you in the mood.


While all the world media (well some of the music press anyways.. ) is awash in praising a seemingly endless procession of new young danish bands and music it is more than just an international media hype starting up. This country really is ripe with quality music, bands, producers and engineers coming out of a rich and ever more diverse scene. The rest of the world is catching up. For the first time in a long time it’s nice not  knowing what’s going on, it’s nice being unable to keep up. There are so  many small scenes and bigger ones, moving constellations, collectives, collaborations, subcultures and lots of great sounds.

Our fellow Garden Party Mad Hatters Silvertip are bringing some noise too. Playing live at our party will be the melodic and catchy rock of Tårn who are charming and tight, with extended jam outs and and an ear for a hook mashed up with a love of rock and melody from the stoned and sunny to the psychedelic and pop.

On a slightly different musical tip Slowes will be bringing their own synth duo love and R&B to an afternoon home crowd. With only a handful of singles and all the bloglove you may hope for there is anticipation for the upcoming LP. Check the catchy promise of  ‘I need you’ below.

Last but not least my good self will be dishing up some afro garden party, not repairing my room or sorting records, melodic, irresistible, counter colonial, post-tropical save the world step reggae and souled out, funk heart attack, beat moomba madness stuff. Gwaan have a dance. In yer garden face !

Full Bar outdoors and plenty garden seats with the usual draught selections and then some extras. We got our own selections on the menu too ! Our ‘Bitchslap Fiddler’ drink will be an elopement of Gin & Elderflower under a blue liquor top while the ‘Silvertip Tipple’ of choice is a Rum & Passionfruit conspiracy topped with a little sourzzzz….