If you’re in the mood for something that makes you feel like an industrial workers slaving away the coals mines (in a good way) AS WELL as a flower child running through lush green fields… this is your lucky day! Bæst, Copenhagen’s resident masters of dirty ‘n damn good psych, are back with their latest EP, Stof Mellem Stof. It officially drops on Friday through Idiot Disc Records, but you can get your eager little ears on it today since we’re pre-streaming it all week.

The EP starts out by plunging you straight into industrial darkness with heavy guitars and howling vocals in the first track. However, hope arrives in the next few tracks, alternating between billowing and airy guitar riffs and psych-on-the-run style drums building up a happy intensity. We hear a half-calming, half-eerie mixture of lullaby vibes and buoyant female vocals in the fourth track, until Bæst brings us back to where we all started with a closer that rings with a steel-like heaviness and motion. To sum it up, Stof Mellem Stof gives the boys from Bæst an ample platform to flex their diverse psych muscles—all led by singer Jacob Koefoed’s remarkable, Fleet Foxes-like vocals.

According to Bæst, the EP is about ‘perception and reality through to extinction and responsibility.’ So if that’s your kind of complex jam, hit play and sink into the cathartic, catchy world Bæst have opened up.