Follow the frustrated and hectic pen of Niki Bernard as he writes the lyrics for “Misery Loves Company II” in his new video for the same track.

The black and white stop motion-esque style of the video, with an almost early 1900’s inspired light glitch effect creates a dark, alluring and clean setting. The track is written in real time and then sped-up which adds to the frantic and frustrated feel of both track and video.

The young Danish rapper started appearing on the scene in 2014 with the release of his EP, DOXY. Since then he’s gone on to get the attention he deserves by flawlessly mastering the English language as was it his own, just as his friend and chill AF talent Felix De Luca has done alongside him.

Bernard’s work has previously been compared to the darker tunes from Drake, The Weeknd and Kanye West – an easy-to-understand comparison considering the flattering single line reference to Kendrick Lamar & Drake’s “Poetic Justice“. With the tweaked lyrics going “He wanna’ go and party, she wanna’ go retarded” he emphasizes the theme of being in a jealous and mistrusting relationship, and how a night out can turn into a messy affair.

Have a listen at his follow-up release, DOXXY, right here.