It’s been just about a month since Roskilde Festival started and a whole 30 days of work, adult responsibilities and feeble attempts to save the remains of our livers may make most people forget.

Forget about all the money spent on generic burgers, warm beers and the questionable decisions they made during the festival. We are here to remove the rose-tinted glasses and reveal that yes, the decisions everyone made were, in fact, very questionable.

Luckily some of you had enough of a conscience to apologize for your actions and were brave enough to let us document it for all eternity. Here is the ‘I Am Sorry’ compilation of Roskilde Festival 2016:



This video may raise a few questions: Have they been forgiven? Are they still sorry? Did they ever apologize to the people involved? Will Anna ever know who really peed in her tent? The uncertainty is as a strong as the smell of a seven day old festival sleeping bag.