Scraps, skateboard stickers, marbles, Draco Heads and now impossible to avoid Pokémon, were part of any childhood on the same level as fish sticks, scraped knees and the circa 1996 version of Dexters Laboratory on Cartoon Network.

Collectables and bad TV being a grand theme of childhood does not make them exclusively related to that stage of your life. Holding on to the obsessions of your younger years might seem as hording to some, but can end up becoming a collection of impressive and iconic memorabilia.


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To delve into Alejandro Melo’s sticker collection is to relive the past. His seemingly endless sample of small inanimate vinyl die-cuts evoke feelings and recollections so real, it’s almost as if they’ve finally invented that fucking time machine we’ve been asking for. Alejandro has been collecting for almost 20 years, but some of his stickers reach further back than that.
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It makes me think back to a time when almost every board graphic would have a series of sticker versions. Some designs even transcended brand logos—just think about that for a second. Artworks like Jim Phillips’ Screaming Hand or the Powell Ripper were versioned so many times, and despite that, easily outplayed the official brand logo.

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This snippet is under 1% procent of Melo’s endlessly large collection. By signing up here you can keep up to date with the madness.