Photographer Mathias Strømfeldt has an eye for the smaller things that most people might not notice at first glance.

Copenhagen based Strømfeldt works as a professional film and TV photographer,  some of the things he enjoys the most about shooting with film is the way the contour and gravity in the film’s appearance adds to its authenticity. Something  digital media lacks, in his opinion. There is a greater truth by catching the right moment with just one press of the shutter.




He previously captured the lives of the citizens of Bangkok in their colorfull surroundings and has now made his way to Johannesburg, South Africa. He visited the city while working with a TV production and shot this series as a subjective observation from the time he spent there. At the same time there was an urge to encapsulate a particular ambience as photography will always be, in one way or another, about telling a story.




Here’s what he had to say about his work and exactly why he chose to shoot it in both B/W and color:

“The whole approach to this series and the specific observations are based on a certain irony and humor, in order to illuminate the problem of separation and diversity. The decision to use both black and white and color in the series was an instrument to create some kind of visual separation in the series as well as in history to enhance the experience and create a common thread between the story and the tangible visual.”