Hip-hop inspired jazz music group BADBADNOTGOOD treated us well with Canadian Hospitality.

Photos: Andreas Raun


Friday was Canada Day so it seemed appropriate that Toronto-based BBNG would play a set at Roskilde. Nothing like a cross-cultural experience on many levels. One of the only bands booked to not have a vocalist, BBNG took the stage midday and we got a chance to get some exclusive behind the scenes footage.



They just got back from a club show in France so I asked saxophonist, Leland, whether he preferred smaller sets to large festivals. The talented, young, and newest member of the group responded, ‘At small venues people who are there know who you are, and they get more into it. Outdoor shows are cool because they are outside, but there are probably a million people here that don’t give a fuck.’BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_14


The former jazz trio (now quartet) played right after Anderson .Paak at Apollo Stage. Having done many collaborations with hip hop artist in the past, ( i.e. Tyler the Creator, Gucci Mane, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.) I was curious since they were sharing the backstage area with .Paak if something was in the works.

Alex, the drummer of BBNG (in between mouthfuls of chips)

‘He’s so talented!


Chester (bassist) chimed in, ‘I caught his set at Coachella, and it was insane.’

The guys played Coachella too, and at the Roxy in LA. Having been on tour since April with a couple pit stops back home to Toronto, I asked if they collected their armbands from all the festivals.

Alex: I try to.

Leland: There’s a few times that I have given them away.

Chester: I wish I still had my Sónar one.


On the topic of accessorizing I had to point out the Canada necklace that Chester ran backstage to grab minutes before set time, placing it on the main mic for all to view. He shared that, ‘probably the coolest experience for me of this tour, so far, was Tel Aviv. I was really wowed. We met the best people, had the best food and times. It was such a beautiful place.’



What concerned you the most when you released ‘Sour Soul’ with Ghostface Killah?


Chester: Since it took such a long time and was done in a period over three and a half years, one of our main concerns was whether it was going to sound cohesive or is it all going to work. The way we made it was a lot of going back-and-forth with Ghostface and getting verses back, and crafting songs that way.

Alex: Especially with it being non-instrumental, or not something we have done before, a lot of the quality is coming from what he delivers. The process of it was amazing and developing relationships and opening those doors is always great.




I know you guys love Phó but I always ask this question to artists I speak with. And since we’re just eating chips I figured it could be accompanied by a sandwich. If BBNG were a sandwich, what sandwich would it be?


Leland: A fish sandwich from Toronto. It’s the best fish.

Chester: With a lot of hot sauce. It’s flavorful, it’s spicy, and pretty healthy.


I saw that WHYTEBERG (a dance collective from LA) just did a piece with your music.

Alex: Ya. There are these girls that are super nice and came out to our show once in LA. They did a dance once based on my drum movements, and they just released one of Matt’s (keyboardist) crazy head movements.’



Who would you guys glitter bomb?

Leland: Did you say glitter bomb?

Chester: I have always wanted to be glitter bombed.

The guys agreed that they would definitely glitter bomb their manager, someone who I have been communicating with to arrange this whole thing for the past two weeks. I agreed that when I would send him an issue of the magazine, there would be an additional surprise.

BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_21The best advice Leland’s mother has given him on tour was to wear clean underwear. Chester’s mom was more cautious, urging him to stay hydrated, encouraging regular exercise, and to stay healthy. After camping since Saturday at Roskilde, I know my own mother would be in shambles as I have neglected these basic needs. Thankfully the BBNG crew where very friendly to offer their candy, beer, and chips. Our photographer Andreas loves snacks and we were both pretty famished so thanks guys!