Turning Tables turned up the bass in East City yesterday with a surprise performance from Den Sorte Skole

Through out the warm up days Turning Tables, a non-profit who empower marginalized youth in developing countries by providing them the means to express their grievances, hopes, and dreams through music and film,  curated daily talks and events at East City and kicked off a huge party with performances from Fuma Hi-Fi feat. Klumben, Pharfar, KAKA DK, Ham Der Hasse and OKAT, DJ ER DU DUM ELLER HVAD vs ELOQ, MAMBE, OKAY FUNKY, Ham Den Lange, COPYFLEX, PHASE5, AL AGAMI, LADYBOX, ATO-L & HODDE, DJ LANGEFINGER  and STEREO KLODEN.

Photos: Andreas Raun