Collection of Street City festivities from Roskilde ’16 on not your typical Monday.

Photos: Andreas Raun

It’s not every day that skateboarding and football (or as Americans call it ‘soccer’) cross paths (unless you’re adidas or something). But a sunny midday Monday at Roskilde brings the best out of people. It’s still early into the week, spirits are high, and the Police get to challenge the ‘troublesome’ members of Christiania. Despite usual tensions between the two, Roskilde is certainly the place where ‘justice vs freedom’ can turn into ‘humanity and love’, especially when a bunch of stoners beat cops 4-1. On the other side of Street City, a Skate Contest took place where teams repped their home football club. Go Skate! Go Play! Get up from your seat and do something!BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_05BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_25BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_22BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_21BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_20BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_26BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_13BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_09BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_04BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_02BC_Andreas_Raun_Arneberg_13_4


Photos by Rhulz

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