Exclusive backstage photos and interview of the biggest show PHLAKE has played.

Photos: Abdellah Ihadian

Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0050Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0099Getting over to the Rising Stage was pretty terrifying. It seemed like all of Roskilde wanted to see PHLAKE. It would be safe to say 25,000 people were there. Surprisingly, the band were not booked on a bigger stage, especially since every show they have played in Copenhagen has been sold out.

PHLAKE played all their hits and had an encore performance to play ‘Pregnant’ a second time again for the fans.

Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0220Growing up in the same town of Albertslund, producer Jonathan Elkær and singer Mads Bo didn’t actually meet until the moved to Copenhagen. Some mutual friends introduced them and thanks to Facebook, they recently just found out they have been friends for five years.

Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-9201First year at Roskilde?

J: I played here one time at Arena with Klamfyr, from Suspekt back in 2013

M: We played Distortion twice though


What’s the first thing you are going to do after the show?


J: Tonight I think we’re just going to celebrate. Drink a shit load of beers and have fun.

M: Hopefully it will be a very good show that we can look back on for years.

Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-9242Success is like pregnancy, everyone congratulates you but they don’t know how many times you got fucked.Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0190Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0183

The most successful song by PHLAKE is an ode to pregnancy, and the story behind it includes a writing session with a guy from Iceland. J: ‘He pitched this theme, ‘Why don’t you write a song as a tribute to pregnant women?’ At first we were pretty skeptical.

M: My sister just got pregnant so she was telling me all these weird stories of her and her boyfriend. I saw the opportunity to mix something that is pretty romantic with something that is kind of fucked up and crazy.


There are so many songs about having sex but you never hear the other story.

J: It is kind of an obvious topic but no one has seemed to catch on.


Do you have any rules or superstitions you live by?

Jonathan points to Mads, ‘He does. He’s got a [favorite] mug.

M: I lost that.

J: Fuck

M: I lost that a couple weeks ago, it was a big mug from World Cup 94. I feel weird drinking from something new all the time.

Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0187Seeing how the performance went on Monday night, a reach to the US soon wouldn’t be unexpected. The guys said that if they had the chance, they would love to play Coachella or SXSW.Phlake_Bitchslap Magazine_Roskilde Festival_Abdellah Ihadian-0147