Blue skies and sun graced Roskilde Sunday, after a damp morning. Kicking off the new ‘Countdown’ stage, GENTS, a synthpop Danish-duo opened for a great crowd. We got an exclusive backstage look of the performance.

Photos: Andreas Raun


There is no confusion to the name GENTS. It’s not a ‘gif or jif’ battle. Theis Vesterløkke, chimed in that it has not too much to do with the Belgium city, though the band was started in Berlin. Their EP ‘Embrace the Future’ has caught on to the Danish audience with charm and a few months later after the release, they found out they would be playing their first show at Roskilde.

Singer, Niels Fejrskov reminisces about when they heard they got the gig. ‘We discussed it with our manager and booker that playing Roskilde was a possibility, but we didn’t hear until later. Like after a lot of bands already heard [back]. So we kind of gave up on it, and we thought if not now, then maybe next year.’


But the stage was packed with people both dancing in the pit and sitting on the grass and benches. It seemed like a younger crowd, and maybe that is because I am getting older. I was quite surprised that a younger audience would be into the echoey tones of 80’s-like slow key and drumkit melodies. Seeing numerous temporary tattoos, I recalled how upset my parents were when I first got my permanent ink.


What is the best advice your parents gave to you?

N: ‘My Dad once told me that there is no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid answers.’

Hahaha are you saying my questions are stupid?

N: ‘Haha no no, its more about having mutual respect for each other. Professionally, I think since none of my parents are musicians and neither of Theis’ parents, it’s been harder to convince them of our career choices.’

T: ‘Get an education!’

Well if you guys weren’t doing music, what do you see yourself doing?

T: ‘Well I don’t know. Actually, I have been studying journalism on the side.’


Niels and Theis, took the stage with confidence. Their preshow ritual of doing pushups and a hug favored them as they were welcomed to not only play their first Roskilde show, but to open the Countdown stage.


When asked which deceased musician they would wish to see perform, I was shocked by Niels’ response: ‘I would say Mozart, or Beethoven’. Theis on the other hand picked Bowie.