Devon Seven releases the brand new  ‘Sun-Kissed By The Eternal Girl’ just in time for summer and it’s a blissy scorcher. Inspired by the wide and wonderful city of LA and produced in collaboration with Niels Kirk it brings a carefree and timely seasonal touch to proceedings.

There are a lot of musical young Danes hanging in LA these last years and the regular traffic back and forth is throwing up some interesting collaborations.  Devon Seven and Niels Kirk met in LA and were both  fascinated by the city and decided to catch the inspired vibe and their feelings in a musical statement. As Devon Seven told us it’s “a song that’s soaked in sunshine, summer, synth and percussion. It should give one a sense of floating in the water or soaring above the clouds.”

Devon Seven released her own EP on hot Danish label No.3 last year and it’s dark ravey strains got her picked up as a Nordic one to watch by The Guardian amongst others. Niels Kirk has been part of the band ’Tree Fight For Sunlight’. as well as producing for the likes of Mendoza and Louis Rustum. He also currently has his own ep out called ‘Skeep’.