Digable Planets are back and coming to Denmark for a long awaited reunion tour and will be presented by some our favourite promoters in town Smash Bang Pow. Digable Planets made a significant musical splash on their debut, specialising in a fresh mix of rhymes, jazz and Hip Hop. Nowadays this is a fairly commonplace combination of sound and style but at the time, in the early ’90s, it was part of an innovative, afrocentric and new direction that they forged alongside acts like Gangstarr and Tribe Called Quest. Their single ‘Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’ became a crossover hit in 1993 making the billboard top 20 and setting anticipation for the follow up album. 1994’s Blowup Comb didn’t achieve the same commercial success as the debut but has instead gone on to become one of those cult records that accumulates fans and praise over the years. The record remains a timeless classic of the genre that set a new standard in beats & rhymes and still carries its own weight musically.

There will be two shows in Denmark for Århus and Copenhagen,  check the event link on Facebook here and buy tickets from tomorrow. Stay posted for more digable goodies in the run up to these shows.