“Christian, oh, Christian!” — Exactly what I thought when I saw the video for “This Is My Gift To You”, the second single from Christian d’Or’s Tough Soul EP that dropped Friday. Written, recorded and produced in partnership with Niels Bagge, the song is an ode to heartbreak and unrequited love.

Watching Christian d’Or performing on stage at Husets Teater puts you back in time to a smoky casino-like setting in the ’70s. Bitter-sweet saxophone notes underline this atmosphere and make you want to sip on a Whiskey Sour while Christian puts his heart on a plate in front of you – in the most charming way possible.

Lean back and watch yourself:

Filmed, directed and edited by Dennis Morton
Assistant director: Mathias Strømfeldt
Master of light: Mads Vegas
Best boy: Niels Bagge Hansen