We believe in good vibes, beer and rad shit. One out of three is a lie.

So we’ve started a new therapeutic weekly post where spill out all the shit that grinds our gears over the week in hopes of becoming better human beings with the people in our lives. We chose friday because everyone’s always so damned cheery on fridays so we thought we’d even the mood out. And also, it rhymes.

Here’s a list of what’s been a proper pain in the arse this past week.


Fuck you big ass flies for flying straight into peoples mouths while they’re biking!

Fuck you for being grown-ups and still not knowing how to clean up after yourself – hope you’re enjoying ruining the planet and wasting our tax money.

Fuck you bumps to the elbow – that shit hurts!

Fuck you polarized world problems – how can we both have a massive hunger and obesity epidemic?

Fuck you last minute pimples. We don’t need that the day before a party!

Fuck you overpriced camping gear – we might as well sell our soul to the pusher down the street to afford decent things

Fuck you danish ‘summer’ weather – we should’t be wearing wool sweaters in mid-June!

Fuck you Fuck You lists – what’s up with all the negativity?


If you’re sitting there thinking: ‘I could do that better’ then you’re probably right and you can do something about it. Get in touch via FB  or IG if you have some Fuck You‘s to add for next weeks list and well repay you some online-glory and a sticker or two.