So you know those plans you have for the weekend? Shotgunning a few beers with your squad, raving on a boat, getting a lil’ belly tan on in a park somewhere? Yeah, not gonna happen, dude. You’re gonna raid Netto’s shelves for the cheapest red wine you can find, and then you’re gonna go home and curl up in a lonely little ball, floating in a metaphorical bathtub overflowing with alcohol and every heartbreak you’ve ever experienced. Not into the sound of that? Let’s see if you change your mind after hearing ‘Said Too Much’, the new track by OKAT & Varius. It’s the soul/R&B singer and electronic trio’s first collaboration (on the label they’ve both worked with, Sound of Copenhagen), and boy, does it tug at those heart strings.

‘Said Too Much’ starts out by building a minimalist, meditative atmosphere, with humbly understated electronics providing a pedestal for OKAT’s sultry vocals to lead the way. However, it slowly builds with intensity and tension provided by humming harmonies—until it explodes in a cathartic outburst of electronic layers and tumbling drum rolls in the chorus. All the while, OKAT’s contemplative and honest vocals slither in and out—lending the track an earthy soulfulness that acts as a delicious balance to its electronic production.

If you’re into this, you’re in luck! OKAT will be doin’ her thing at the Girls Are Awesome stage at Roskilde Festival’s Street City next weekend. See ya there, ya lovelies.