Have you ever imagined yourself as the protagonist of your very own Western drama—gun-slingin’ and barmaid-seducin’ in a sinister, smoky saloon? Well, now’s the time, friend—because the latest single from Copenhagen’s Bæst is about to transport you into a twangy portal of country-tinged psych intensity.

Bæst first caught our attention last year as the one-man project of a certain Jacob Koefoed, whose track ‘Bring Dem I Live’  felt like an oozing, droning march to doom. Now, Koefoed has expanded Bæst into a full-on band–which means the doom and gloom is only magnified in ‘Aber’. Swooping in strong with a gnarly, crunchy bass line, it unravels into a pleasant melodic chorus in Danish, peppered with 60s-psych-style happy-go-lucky guitar twangs. However, the lightness quickly torpedoes into droning heaviness with a healthy dose of country twang, not unlike the apocalyptic sonic vessels perfected by Swans. Oh, it’s a brutal combo of stuff to dip your eardrums into, alright—but in this case, brutal means imagining yourself galloping away on a wild steed under the cruel desert sun, chewing tobacco and broken dreams.

Aber is the first single from Bæst’s new EP Stof Mellem Stof, out in August on Idiot Disc Records. You can catch them at their album release in August (TBA), or on tour in Germany in September.