Demonically deep synths? Check. Breathy, barely-human vocals? Check. A rather sad looking puppet, drinking himself into a state of Papier-mâché-and-skull-surrounded madness? Check. Yep, you get all this and more in the magnificently entrancing and deliriously disturbing new video from Copenhagen’s Baby Blood.

The video follows a puppet (which Baby Blood made herself, by the way, from random stuff she found at home) as he drinks from a bottle, vomits, freaks out and rolls around in agony against a backdrop of shadows and the occasional flashing colors. It looks a lot like something Tim Burton would make, if only his primary audience wasn’t made up of children and their conservative mothers—which is kind of Baby Blood was going for in the video alongside calling to Asian shadow puppet traditions.

The song itself is lusciously pulsating and nighttime-appropriate, sounding like what would happen if Purity Ring, Gazelle Twin and Salem had a sonic baby together. If you’re into these seductively spooky vibes, you’re in luck: Baby Blood is playing at the Girls Are Awesome stage at Roskilde Festival’s Street City on June 26.