With Distortion about to destroy Copenhagen City and kick off the summer in a bit, it seems fitting to point your ears towards some of the massive tunes and artists that will be wrecking clubs and festivals in the coming months.

Fango is a great name and one to remember. The innovative and skilled Italian producers new Ep ‘Viscera 1/3’  is just the first of series of 3 to come and it’s is already on early heat out there and getting dribbly props from far and wide for his astonishing talent. We loved the beautiful album Tuono from last year on Degustibus and this Ep puts the record straight for sleepers and makes it clear that Fango is the real deal, red hot…not just for summer.

Strap your brain on and gallop straight into the monstrously insistent swing and hammer of Vena Cava here and get loaded. You can also be sure that a track titled Rectum knows exactly what to do.