‘Food Buttons’ is the new EP by local beat producer Sofa T. premiering for free download here via Danish beat label GSM. Produced exclusively on hardware samplers and recorded to tape, the sound pays tribute to the idea of music as a dynamic, living, asymmetric organism rather than a perfect image – fusing particles of soul, jazz and 80’s electronics into a shape shifting hip hop.

The EP is a taster of the full length album ‘Opus Sofa’ to follow later this year. As Anthon from Green Shades Music told us,  “Sofa T. is one of the most productive producers I know that also keeps the quality level high. I love raw, unpolished hip hop and Sofa T. represents that sound very well. In a world of producers and labels with sample-phobia it’s great that someone like him just shits on those fears and does it – a perfect match for GSM. On top of all that there is nothing like a good loop and Sofa T. trusts his loops.”