Bitchslap’s saucy big sister Girls Are Awesome is moving out of mom’s house, breakin’ out on her own, but still mingling with the classic BS fam. Like our girl Linnea Bullion! So we were excited to be apart of the opening of ‘You Should Have Been There’ she curated, and we’re stoked to have partnered with some other great folks for this photography show and zine release at Kingswell skate shop LA. The show/zine features work by Laura Austin, Linnea Bullion, Andrea DoSouto, Megan Miller, and Magdalena Wosinska. There are still a few zines left to purchase at Linnea’s site!

A limited edition Quiet Life x you should have been there x Kingswell t-shirt was also featured at the opening.

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Libations were provided by Old Milwaukee Beer. Also thanks to ConverseThe Quiet Life, and RVCA

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