Who wouldn’t indulge in a sexy little tune every once in a while? Like, we’re talking melt-in-your-ears-like-chocolate kinda sexy. Make your skin all tingly and flushed kinda sexy. Yeah, we love that kind of musical tease—and lo and behold, that’s what we’ve got for you right here with Ballast’s remix of Pieces of Juno’s ‘Valentine’.

This remix is a collision of two different musical perspectives and continents, which makes it all the more delicious. Pieces of Juno, a.k.a. Kine Sandbæk Jensen, is a Norwegian producer, musician and artist whose particularly sensual takes on trip-hop have kept her on our radar for the past year. Oh, and she’s also the co-founder of an all-female creative collective called KOSO, which is a pretty badass addition to the whole thing she’s got going on. Ballast, a.k.a. Trevor Osterman, on the other hand, is an LA-based artist and label founder who mostly sticks to what he calls ‘club music’—but thankfully, he pushed his limits for this remix:

“I really wanted to try something new with this remix of Valentine — something I’d never done before and something outside the realm of strict club music… after hearing the sultry, cabaret-esque sound of some of Pieces of Juno’s forthcoming material I wanted to try and bring forward and accentuate those sounds in this remix for her.” 

So what do you get when you combine something sultry and cabaret-esque with a club mentality? A track rich with earthy production, shimmering high notes, chill AF bass, seductive vocal moans—and a run-you-over-like-a-truck burst of club dance madness in the middle that serves as both a crescendo for the track and a wildly exhilarating twist to your expectations.

This remix is the final one in the series of remixes of Pieces of Juno’s last EP, Frisson. If you’re into it, you can download it for free for one week—and if you wanna hear the other ones, you can get your eager little ears on ’em over here. Oh, and don’t think we’re done with Pieces of Juno, either: we’re STOKED to say she’s performing at our Girls Are Awesome showcase at Roskilde Festival this year. Details over here.